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"I WANT TO GIVE A 100% SHOUT OUT TO EVERYONE AT THIS CLINIC! Dr. Zach is awesome. He is very caring and listens and offers suggestions. This is a place of support and they truly want you to recover from your injury. I really appreciate every one here from the receptionist to the dr and assistants. They are all 100% amazing!"
Sep 20, 2022
"Breaking my ankle brought my life to an abrupt halt. After weeks of intense healing I started rehab with Zack Henry at the Western Center location. I was impressed starting with the first visit. Zach was personable and knowledgeable as well as professional. The staff was also so accommodating and friendly. I saw results without being pushed to do too much too soon. I had experienced rehab in the past for a back problem and did not receive the care that I did at Premier. I am now able to carry on with my daily life as I was before the accident. I believe that I am even stronger than prior to the accident. I will return to Premier if ever needed and will highly recommend Zach Henry and this location. Thank you Zach for your care. LaVon "
Aug 09, 2022
"Had knee replacement surgery. I had lots of swelling and need a can to walk. Went through therapy from middle of Feb. Until May 2. My therapist Lindsay was fantastic as well as Holly who assisted her. In addition Zac and David worked with once each and they were great. Olivia who always checked in was great. I am in my own mind 100%. The staff is the best I have dealt with. Totally professionals and customer service is the best. I have had replacement in my other knee 4 years ago and had rehab at another company. They don't compare. This is the best "
May 02, 2022
"Friendly and professional staff. Would highly recommend."
Apr 26, 2022
"Wonderful caring people who really want you to succeed! I am grateful for all your work with me!!!"
Apr 20, 2022
"Thank you to premium rehab. Very professional and friendly. Great Therapist and staffs, will definitely recommend to families and friends."
Apr 12, 2022
"Excellent resource for physical therapy. The therapists are professional, knowledgeable, and do a great job!!!! Thank you Premier Rehab!!!!"
Oct 19, 2021
"I came to Premier Rehab after debilitating vertigo episode which rendered me hospitalized and debilitated. Dr Lindsey Boer worked with me and was very attentive. She communicates well through listening to my problem and explaining what has been going on with me. We did some exercises and set me up with ones that I could do at home. I have improved tremendously. All of the staff at Premiere Rehab are friendly and helpful. I fully recommend this place. "
Jul 02, 2021
"I have just completed my third rehab program with Premier Rehab PT, 2 knee replacements, and the latest, a rotator cuff tear. The care and positive treatment I received was given in the most professional and efficient manner producing stellar results. Lindsey Boer was my primary therapist with fill in support by David Benson. I could not have been in better hands. These two are tops in their profession and was fortunate to have their expertise treating me. The entire staff at the Ft. Worth office were great, it was always a good feeling attending my treatment sessions. "
Mar 25, 2021
"I want to express my gratitude to Dr. David Benson and his staff at Premier Rehab Clinic. I recently had back surgery and needed rehab therapy so I decided to go to this clinic and from the very beginning Dr. Benson was very compassionate with me and would hear me out at every visit. He understood my pain each and every time and really helped me get through it. Thank you Dr. Benson and staff. "
Mar 10, 2021
"I had almost completely torn rotator cuff repair. Premier Rehab is a great place for rehab. The therapists are very well trained, they work well with exactly what you need. The range of motion in my shoulder is back to normal, I have gained a lot of strength back. I was having trouble pulling my hair up in a ponytail, trouble lifting anything above my waist to put on a counter or ledge. I do not have any trouble now. I sleep better at night now and I don’t wake up as stiff. Awesome place for rehab!"
Jun 06, 2018
"I can now turn my head without pain, sleep through the night and enjoy driving and reading books again. Thank you Premier Rehab Physical Therapy team!"
Jun 06, 2018
"When I started therapy, I was not able to use my left arm due to a broken shoulder (humorous). I was able to keep full range of motion through active assisted therapy. Once I was healed and could start adding strengthening I could see the progress and 4 months after breaking my shoulder I’m back to normal activities 100%. Premier Rehab was willing to work with my limited schedule and provided exercises for me to keep my recovery going when I could not come in to the center. Dave Benson "
Jun 06, 2018
"My experience was amazing, helpful, and not rushed. I was not able to lift my left arm. I was not able to comb my hair. I was not able to clean my body and my home. I was not able to reach for the ATM. I was not able to close my car door. I was not able to do a lot. Coming helped me to gain everything back. The people here made me feel at home and you can see they did not mind taking care of me. I would refer someone here in a minute. I want to say thank you all so much. "
Jun 06, 2018
"I have used several rehab centers over the past 5 years and Premier Rehab is by far the best. Before I came I was always using a cane, unable to climb stairs or just function normally. Now I am able to climb stairs, walk without a cane, and do normal day to day activities with very little pain. The staff at the Western Center are great to work with and everyone works hard to help you reach your goals. I will use them again if needed in the future. Great job!"
Jun 06, 2018
"My experience here at Premier has been outstanding! My knee replacement therapy, advised by Dr Dave- was so focused but family friendly. They kept me busy every minute with my exercises with constant encouragement and support with my pain levels. Melissa was always attentive with my paperwork and to be by my side when the therapists were with other patients. Mikyla Vastine helped me conquer some of the hardest exercises. Her big smile and constant encouragement was the best! Miss Erika was instrumental in keeping me focused on doing my exercises the proper way. Her hands were like no other. My angel! Love all these guys. They are like my family! I can walk now!"
Jun 06, 2018