Fitness Assessments

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Part of a balanced fitness program includes: strength training, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility and muscular endurance.

But where do you start? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? Are you overweight? What is your body fat composition? Starting a fitness program can be a scary thought and without proper guidance, incorrect techniques or even training too hard too fast, your routine can lead to injuries.

Premier Rehab Physical Therapy will help you get the specialized program you need to reach your personal health goals. Our staff will take you through a series of tests and then review your results with you. From there a tailored program will be designed based on your results and personal fitness goals. Whether it's reducing body fat, increasing strength or just creating a program you can perform at your local fitness facility, we want to help you get it right.

Current Premier Rehab patients receive the fitness assessment testing upon healthy discharge from physical therapy. This assessment is part of the Premier Fitness Program here at Premier Rehab Physical Therapy.

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