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Premier Rehab Physical Therapy | Lower Back Pain
  • It is estimated that approximately 80% of people in Western countries have experienced lower back pain (LBP) at some point in their lives. At any given time in the United States, approximately 25% of people have reported lower back pain in the last 3 months.
  • Lower back pain is the single most expensive musculoskeletal ailment in medicine costing up to $72 billion/yr including compensatory and lost work time.
  • Research shows that in people with LBP the muscles that stabilize and protect our lower back, also known as "the core" shut down in response to pain and injury. When pain has stopped, core strength does not return automatically, which can cause further problems.
  • Research has shown PT intervention can restore core strength and assist an individual in returning to normal daily activities.
  • Physical therapists at Premier Rehab will perform an in-depth evaluation using a research and clinically graded system specific to your diagnosis in order to address functional goals specific to your needs.
  • Depending on the findings from your evaluation, your physical therapist may incorporate the following treatment techniques into your program.

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  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - Natalie Hodges

    After suffering an injury that included a herniated disc and a bulge in my lower back, I locked up and had to retrain my body to do almost everything. My life was turned upside down. When I came to Premier, they saved my life. They helped me retrain from the ground up, restrengthen and rebuild my confidence. They showed me that with dedication and hard work, I could live a normal life again, even when that seemed like a distant dream. Amost nine months after the injury, I am finally starting to see that dream become a reality. Thank you!

    Natalie Hodges

  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - Darlene McBee

    I have had 4 back surgeries, the latest one on 9/25/2017. My second and third surgeries were one year apart, and each resulted in rods being placed and replaced in my back. The pain continually became worse and I found I had broken both rods and had to have a fourth surgery in late 2017. Thanks to my new surgeon in Denton, Tx after the fourth surgery the pain was now manageable.

    I went to Premier Rehab on Davis Blvd. for my initial therapy evaluation in January 2018. Allison Sims had me doing simple exercises which alleviated my pain to almost non-existent. I did water therapy twice weekly and land therapy once weekly. I wasn’t overly excited about doing water therapy at first but believe it did wonders for my back – loved the treadmill with the water jets. The land therapy was great because it was all different kinds of exercise, so it wasn’t boring.

    My back is doing great and after working with different therapists at Premier, I recommend Premier Physical Therapy to anyone needing therapy. Everyone there is personable and seem to enjoy helping their clients improve their health.

    Darlene McBee

  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - Jeffery Frame

    If it wasn’t for everyone at the clinic, I wouldn’t have finished my PT. Alex made it fun, and MiKyla cares about all the patients. When I came here, I could barely stand the pain I was in, but after weeks of PT, I have no pain at all. I couldn’t sit, lay down or stand for long. I would definitely refer Premier Rehab to anyone.

    Jeffery Frame

  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - Jessy Thomas

    Thank you Dustin and other therapists’ (John, Ellen, Linda) who have worked on my lower backache issue and helped me get better from 15------> 90% improvement. Dustin was very patient, informative, and resourceful all through the process. I am able to sit, walk and do my activities so much better than before. I had a customized approach to my care.

    Jessy Thomas

  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - James Adair

    Well one statement I thought I would never make is I enjoyed my time at Physical Therapy! The staff at Premier Rehab has been very helpful with me and my lower back problem. I came in not even able to tie my shoes and pretty much left pain free and much more flexible. The biggest help was their explanation of exercises and how they help plus, even more importantly, what to do at home on my own to continue my rehab. I am a 60 year old former marine with my first back injury. Thanks for everything.

    James Adair

  • Premier Rehab - My PT Story - Susan Downing

    PT at Premier has helped me with my low back pain & sciatic nerve pain by showing me simple exercises that have increased my flexibility. Prior to starting PT, transitions from standing to sitting and standing to lying down caused considerable pain with decreased mobility. Now I have only occasional muscle spasms which decrease with being diligent in doing the exercise. Dustin, John, & Linda, as well as Tyler, Aaron, & Rachel have all been so encouraging, and it has been a pleasure working with all of them. You all rock!

    Susan Downing