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Physical Therapy
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Fort Worth, TX 76131
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  • physical therapy ft. worth tx
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"I had almost completely torn rotator cuff repair. Premier Rehab is a great place for rehab. The therapists are very well trained, they work well with exactly what you need. The range of motion in my shoulder is back to normal, I have gained a lot of strength back. I was having trouble pulling my hair up in a ponytail, trouble lifting anything above my waist to put on a counter or ledge. I do not have any trouble now. I sleep better at night now and I don’t wake up as stiff. Awesome place for rehab!"
Jun 06, 2018
"I can now turn my head without pain, sleep through the night and enjoy driving and reading books again. Thank you Premier Rehab Physical Therapy team!"
Jun 06, 2018
"When I started therapy, I was not able to use my left arm due to a broken shoulder (humorous). I was able to keep full range of motion through active assisted therapy. Once I was healed and could start adding strengthening I could see the progress and 4 months after breaking my shoulder I’m back to normal activities 100%. Premier Rehab was willing to work with my limited schedule and provided exercises for me to keep my recovery going when I could not come in to the center. Dave Benson "
Jun 06, 2018

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