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  • North Richland Hills
  • North Richland Hills
    Mr. David Cray, hip pt, post op, workers comp and just completed with us after work conditioning, He graduated.
  • North Richland Hills
    Mr. Caldera, after discharge for hip replacement after Ewing Sarcoma.
  • North Richland Hills
    A previous pt who came back just recently with his premier shirt. We have also treated his wife on 2 different occasions.
  • North Richland Hills
    A gift to Linda upon a pt’s graduation.

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"I wanted to provide a review for the wonderful staff at Premier Rehab. I had MAJOR shoulder surgery and came into rehab in pretty bad shape - including dealing with a blood clot. Katie has been my PT. She knew that I was not only in pain, but really worried about my condition when arriving. She was patient, kind, and caring in her approach helped me understand what the next few months were going to look for me. Katie as well as the rest of the staff have been overly helpful and I appreciate all the care I have been provided in the past and as I proceed through recovery. Thank YOU!"
Mar 07, 2019
"I had shattered my tibia (into 40 pieces). Yes, Forty! Hard to believe I know, but after 31 screws and metal added and then removed because of severe infection, I was in a wheelchair. My trauma surgeon had me start therapy with Premier Rehab and I had doubts that I would ever walk again, but because of Drill Sargeant John (what I call him) has never given up on me! He and his coworkers are my biggest supporters. After a year of therapy, I'm still going, but I'm not in a wheelchair anymore and I now rely on my walker and starting to use a cane. Although my trauma surgeon says I need another surgery (6th), I'm so confident with the help from the Premier staff that I can conquer all. Thank you guys, your the best!!"
Mar 01, 2019
"My orthopedic surgeon recommended Premier as part of a lengthy rehabilitation. With more surgeries to go, I’ve been with the Castle Hills folks (Lori, Katie, Kacey, Lacey, and Tim) for almost four months. I’ve been impressed by the care I’ve received and the family atmosphere. Not only have they helped me regain more motion than my doctor expected, they caught a post-surgical infection I missed, which could have caused extensive damage if left undetected and untreated. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!"
Feb 19, 2019

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