Dear Kelly,

My name is Dennis Stein and I have recently completed 2 months of therapy at your Keller location on Keller Parkway. My therapy was for my knees as I had bi-lateral knee replacement almost 3 months ago. The purpose of this email is to complement you on having such a fme organization staffed with very professional and caring people. From your front office staff including Stefanie Peterson who is very warm and welcoming to Lindsay Day who helped with my scheduling, rescheduling and scheduling again. She was very patient with my frequent changes and working out something that would accommodate my needs.

Your therapy staff is to be commended for their skills, professionalism, and attention to detail. Shannon Darby goes out of her way to make sure that your therapy session runs smoothly and takes care of the little things that make a difference such as getting you ice at the end of your session or making sure that there’s plenty of cups of water with either orange or lemon slices in them … what a treat during and after a therapy session. And of course I cannot fail to praise the skills, knowledge, understanding, and effectiveness of both Lori Day and Michael Robbins. Both Lori and Michael are very good at their jobs and they compliment each other very well. If one of them is out or has an evaluation the other picks up and fills in without a hiccup. They work so well as a team.

I am very pleased at the results of my 2 months of therapy and my mobility and use of my knees is improving daily and I owe most of that to Lori, Michael and Shannon. But then it’s your organization and, even though I never met you, I can see the results of how you have staffed your company and how well it functions. You are also to be commended because your company is a reflection of you and your expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend your organization to anyone in need of excellent physical therapy for any reason.

Best regards,
Dennis Stein

Dear Dr. McFarland,

I am writing to you today to share my experience with you regarding the services at Premier Rehab Physical Therapy. I have been a patient at the Keller Parkway location since December of 2015, and I feel I ahve only received the absolute best care.

When I came into the clinic in December, I was scared and in an unexpected amount of post-surgical pain. I was also suffering from post-partum depression, which heightened my fear of the rehab process. Lori Day was a Godsend to me during that time. She was gentle and patient, and treated me in such a way that I was no longer afraid to really push myself. About a month into my treatment, I found out that my insurance plan did not cover my visits to Premier, but I refused to go anywhere else and continued therapy at your clinic because I felt so safe and cared for there. I was also worked with you and Michael on numerous occasions, and that was fantastic as well. Both Lori and Michael therapists work very well together, and provide a calm and comfortable therapy environment.

Yesterday, I finished my last session and I was surprisingly a little sad when I hugged Lori and said goodbye to the girls in your Keller clinic. They have such a wonderful, bright spot in one of the hardest times of my life. Thank you for fostering that type of work environment for your precious employees. It makes sucha a difference for the patients.

Roni Tarver

Jill Ownes, PT Premier,

For over ten years I have suffered from hip and leg pain. I sought medical help from more than a couple of doctors. After no success I was referred to a surgeon in Forth Worth. As I was not ready for surgery he directed me down the path of pain management and for three years I received shots in my spine with very little relief and little hope.

In December of 2015, I made up my mind that I was on the wrong path and retured to a new doctor at North Texas Orthopedics. His diagnosis did not match up with the previous doctor and he prescribed physical therapy as he saw no spinal stenosis. Although his organization has a physical therapy department, I requested Premier on Davis Blvd., since it is close to my home. He agreed saying that if it is not convenient most people never complete the course.

I took his prescription to Premier and was introduced to a Jill Owens, PT, OCS, DN. On my first visit you spent considerable time listening to “my story” and then you suggested you would take his prescription and put fresh eyes on my issues. You put me through a series of evaluations and performed some manipulations that clarified my problem in my left hip region. With a sparkle in your eye you said you would develop a plan that should help me. I went home that day thanking God for blessing me with the path that led to you and for once I renewed hope that together we would resolve the hip/leg pain.

The process was slow and challenging; but with your enthusiasm and support I continued to improve. I’m now ninety-nine percent pain free at the end of the day full with activity and work. You have truly made a difference in my quality of life, and my attitude towards the years ahead. Thank you for your knowledge, your encoragement, your variety of approaches, and the intrinsic desire to help people be the best they can be.

Ray L. Thompson

I am so thankful for Kelly Mc Farland at the Keller Parkway location. She is absolutely the best physical therapist I have used. She listened to me and helped me alleviate my pain. She took time with me and explained every step we would be taking. She helped me improve my posture and gave me safe at home exercises to do. She also helped me with at home pain management. The office environment is very patient friendly and caring. I never had to wait on Kelly to see me and she always spent quality time with me. I cannot say enough how wonderful Kelly is as well as the entire experience.


During the last ten years I’ve had knee and hip replacements as well as a major fall that required physical therapy. I’ve been to your Davis Blvd. center twice and they’ve been tops. It just tops all the rehab centers. It’s like a ray of sunshine going in there. Your therapists are thorough, kind, and full of smiles. The center is extremely clean, and I give my vote to Lori Day. She’s just super. Thank you.


Just wanted to send you a note to tell you how happy I was with the physical therapy I received in the Hydroworx pool. I was referred to Premier Rehab on Davis Blvd in North Richland Hills by my physician at Spine Team Texas, Dr. Reeves. I had tried physical therapy on the thoracic area of my spine before and had to drop out due to increased pain. My Dr. convinced me to try once again and do therapy in the water and try to transition to land. My therapist at Premier, Lori Day was great. Very professional and encouraging. My goal was to decrease my pain level and to strengthen my core to be able to decrease pain at my job as a pharmacist and at home. I feel that Lori and your staff there was an answer to prayer and I am very grateful for their dedication and service. Insurance has limited my visits for now, but my physician as well as myself are very pleased with my progress. I wanted to let you know how happy I was with my therapy and the professional courtesy extended to me by your staff and will not hesitate to refer others who need therapy. Thank you again.


I was thankful for the constant encouragement and support through therapy. Dave was always checking in to see how I was doing and genuinely cared about making sure I was making progress.

The clinic was really nice. The therapists worked well with me, not only with my injury, but also by being incredibly friendly. The machines are all very easy to use, and are all in wonderful condition.

Explained the exercises and what muscles it worked and why I needed it. Worked with me and my crazy scheduling needs. Showed great kindness and compassion. Changed up exercises so I wouldn’t get bored. Overall outstanding experience!

Slowly and patiently coached me though on how to re-teach my body to move with ease again, I’m in better shape now then I have been in years with little to no pain. Also everyone was so nice everyday all the time. Thank you all so much!!

All the therapist were attentive, patient, and considerate of my feelings, pain, and attitude.The one thing that sticks out in my mind is learning to breath thru the pain instead of tensing up. That helped me tremendously. Continuing to exercise at home was important to be able to do my exercises at therapy. I am very pleased with my therapy experience and hope I have no further problems. If I do have problems be sure I will return here as well as recommend others to this facility. Thanks for everything.

Dave did a great job of explaining to me what was going on with my injury and how my joints worked. Giving me directions on how to do my everyday tasks that would be easier on my body was so helpful. The at home exercises were easy to understand and commit to. His intern, Lindsey, was very professional as well. She took great instruction from Dave. He was so helpful in my recovery and developing a team effort between us!!!

Brad Stuckey always very attentive and professional.

Brad made my therapy emotionally painless. I’ve improved 100%. Every exercise that I was given was designed to improve my daily functions in life. Brad was very observant when I did my exercises and adjusted accordingly in order for me to improve not only here at your facility but at home as well. Double knee replacement is challenging but with Brad and the rest of the staff they made what was a challenging situation a success! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I will never forget you and all that you did for me!

Ellen is great! She is a top notch therapist and very kind person. The other staff that worked with me were great too.

Lori did an exceptional job. Had a clear understanding of my problem and chose therapy that addressed the issue. Overall a very good experience. Would come back here if necessary

I felt very comfortable being in this environment. The Keller Parkway PT is beautiful and always kept nicely cleaned. Even the patients enjoy coming in for an hour of their day to work on PT. I have been in PT for four years now and this was my first time ever coming to this clinic and if i ever needed PT again this is the place i would come and I will recommend The Keller Parkway location to all of my football, basketball, or any athletic friends who need an outstanding PT clinic.

Dave and Linda were both very good at correcting me when form wasn’t just right and pushing me to do more. They respected my requests to push me but were willing to back off when some sessions were too much.

Candy was great. She made me laugh every time I was there and made it very enjoyable. I am now pain free!!!!!

Great exp., Candy was exceptional in explaining the tx and giving home care inst.

Linda always made sure that I did my exercises correctly and comfortably. They were always friendly and professional. The appointments were timely.

“Personalized treatment to my needs and always demonstrated how to perform tasks. I felt there was always someone monitoring my movements to make sure I was doing the task properly. Demonstrated concern for my comfort with each exercise.”

“We want to take this opportunity to congratulate you on having a Physical Therapy facility staffed with such caring professional personnel. We refer of course to your facility in North Richland Hills headed up by Ellen Murray. My wife and I have had the pleasure and advantage of having Ellen provide us both with the finest and most professional therapy available. My wife who had rotator cuff surgery for the first time in many years is pain free and able to use her arm without restraint. The care and attention that Ellen gave to her was primarily responsible for her complete recovery.”

“I recently had a complete knee replacement which required extensive therapy. This was complicated by a fall which resulted in a broken wrist. The care, attention to detail and Ellen pushing me to succeed are the main reasons why I have attained the goal we set which is complete use of the wrist and able to walk without the use of any external devices. My situation was hampered by the fact of my age which is 89. Ellen took that into consideration but her exercises and constant urging to do better succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.”

“Her dedication and solutions to the problems at hand, and the entire professional and administrative staff at that facility are a credit to the Physical Therapy field and to your organization. Following Ellen’s advice I have informed her that I intend to continue my therapy on my own at your facility since all my benefits have expired. Please extend my wife’s and my thanks and appreciation for the excellent and professional care furnished at that facility and a well done to all the therapists and administrative personnel for their help during these trying times.”

a Patient

“I just wanted to thank you for the treatment that I received at Premier Rehab Physical Therapy. I came to you after spending the better part of 15 years living with back pain. In the past, I have not had good experiences with other physical therapy facilities. Needless to say, I came in a little apprehensive but quickly saw that you tailor each person’s physical therapy routine to that person. You guys make it enjoyable to come in and work hard but also have fun. Both of you (Ellen and Laura) listened to my feedback and then adjusted the program based on that feedback. It is very clear to me that you take a lot of pride in your work and care a lot about your patients.”

“You were also able to recommend a doctor that I feel very comfortable with for treating my back. You guys I was in a LOT OF PAIN when I came in to see you that 1st day. You got me through the upper back pain and then the lower back pain. I feel so much better now than I did before receiving treatment and learning how to strengthen my core in a way that is not painful. It has made a big difference in my life by being pain free. Being pain free enables me to have a better attitude, be in a better mood, and do more things with my family. All of that adds up to a better quality of life.”

“Words cannot describe my gratitude to you two. Because of you, I will recommend Premier Rehab Physical Therapy to any and all family, friends, co-workers, etc. who need physical therapy. Thank you so much for all that you did for me. I know if I need physical therapy the only place to go is to the dynamic duo.”

Kevin Senor

“From my very first visit each of you made me feel welcome as well as in very competent hands of caring experts. Looking back over those 80 days of your care and treatment, I went from my ungainly walker onto a cane in two short weeks, and within two additional weeks, I was walking without an assist, albeit for short distances. As each week passed my mobility steadily improved and I must admit had I’d done more on my own at home, as was everyone’s recommendation, I would have graduated sooner along with being at the top of my class (ha, ha!).”

“My recent visit to my orthopedist confirmed my progress, or in a nutshell he said I was now at a point where I could continue my rehab on my own. With your handy list of simple at home exercises recommendations now in hand, I’ll be able to continue my physical advancement although I will dearly miss the camaraderie of each of you at Premier PT. Today I can comfortably walk a half to three quarters of a mile without any discomfort in my operative knee, and I expect the distance will continue to grow. However, I can’t say that’s true for my other knee, therefore I’ll be in your good hands once more in early 2010.”

“To every one of you, from Yolanda with her smile and greeting at every arrival, to each and every therapist I came in contact with, on to the director Ellen who spearheaded my recovery, I would like to express my sincere gratitude along with my deep appreciation for the excellent and professional care I’ve received.”

John Boyd

“Lori and Laura were awesome – always there with words of encouragement, understanding, hand-holding and always uplifting my spirits. Will be back after first of the year for right knee replacement rehab. You have a great staff and facility … would not change a thing.”

Patient Satisfaction Survey

“During my rehab visits, both Jason G. And David were very professional and knowledgeable.”

Marcia D.