Beginner to Advanced Knee Physical Therapy

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Be a part of our TRIPLE PLAY Physical therapy program! This allows you to be a part of our:

  • PREHAB - to get you ready for your surgery
  • REHAB - Physical therapy specifically designed for you and your knee
  • RETURN TO SPORT - proper progression to your specific sport

Functional testing performed to determine appropriateness for return to play.

Vail Sports Test™

  • "Intra-rater reliability was excellent with a range of .95 to 1.0"
  • "Reliability values between graders were .97 (ICC, k) and 1.55 (SEM)"

Functional Testing

Functional Movement Screen

Aquatic Therapy Utilizing HydroWorx® Underwater Treadmill

  • Assist with normalizing gait
  • Strength and endurance training without high impact
  • Transition to jumping, plyometrics and running with greater ease
  • Advancing your program to return to sport more quickly

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