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"My first time ever to get physical therapy, and have to say, it was a great experience. Every member of the staff were incredible The atmosphere is amazing, the place is super clean and well taken care. Excellent place and highly recommended."
Oct 05, 2021
"When I came to Premier PT in Castle Hills on May 20, 2021 I was in a lot of pain in my lower back that radiated out to the sides of my hips. I originally started in the pool therapy for several weeks. I was able to advance to land therapy and have a whole new perspective on physical therapy. At 72 years of age I have certainly had my share of visits to PT facilities and I must say Premier Castle hills is the easiest to access and the most efficient and caring. Lori and her team are all professionals, caring and knowledgeable about their craft. Their willingness to share that knowledge with their patients speaks volumes about their concern for me. Also, I have never felt pushed out the door at the end of my session as I have in other facilities. If you are hurting, I urge you to ask your doctor to send you to Premier PT, you will not be sorry. A special thank you goes to Lori, Aditi, Evan, Samantha, and Jamie. You guys rock. I literally feel so much better for having met you. Thank you."
Aug 03, 2021
"Been going to Premier Rehab for 5 months due to both legs being injured from a 17 foot fall. Started out in a wheelchair. I'm now able to jog a mile on a treadmill. The staff is very professional, and knowledgeable. The building is new and very clean"
Mar 12, 2021
"From the moment I first walked into Premier Rehab in Castle Hills, I knew I'd made the right choice. Over the past several years I've been dealing with debilitating low back pain and subsequently had spinal fusion surgery. I have attended 4 different rehab facilities in the area, and Castle Hills is by far the best place ever! The facility is spacious and welcoming and the option to receive aqua therapy is a wonderful bonus. What I most value however, is the knowledgeable, warm and caring staff you have in Lori, Mikyla, and Abigail. Every single time I am there I receive undivided attention -- they never tire in explaining how and why to perform a stretch or exercise, answering questions (again and again at times) and correcting me if I am not doing things in the proper way. I am never rushed through my program if I'm a little slower some days, and just today, though I was the last patient of the day, Lori stayed over to show me how to modify my program during my upcoming road/hotel travel. I've also been very impressed during the Clovid-19 crisis: I personally observe the care they take to sanitize everything, from the machines and equipment down to the pens with which to sign in. Because of this, I feel I am I safer there than any other public place and am happy I don't feel the need to discontinue my rehab during the pandemic. Premier/Castle Hills Rehab is truly awesome!"
May 14, 2020
"I wanted to provide a review for the wonderful staff at Premier Rehab. I had MAJOR shoulder surgery and came into rehab in pretty bad shape - including dealing with a blood clot. Katie has been my PT. She knew that I was not only in pain, but really worried about my condition when arriving. She was patient, kind, and caring in her approach helped me understand what the next few months were going to look for me. Katie as well as the rest of the staff have been overly helpful and I appreciate all the care I have been provided in the past and as I proceed through recovery. Thank YOU!"
Mar 06, 2019
"My orthopedic surgeon recommended Premier as part of a lengthy rehabilitation. With more surgeries to go, I’ve been with the Castle Hills folks (Lori, Katie, Kacey, Lacey, and Tim) for almost four months. I’ve been impressed by the care I’ve received and the family atmosphere. Not only have they helped me regain more motion than my doctor expected, they caught a post-surgical infection I missed, which could have caused extensive damage if left undetected and untreated. I’d highly recommend them to anyone!"
Feb 19, 2019
"After having foot surgery, I had limited mobility and could barely walk across campus, let alone do the sports and athletic activities that I was used to. It was a long process (Sept. –Jan.) of stretches, exercises, and pool visits but I am finally back to walking allover TCU(and getting my 10K steps every day!), rowing, doing CrossFit, and running with my dog everyday with no pain, might I add. Thankful for Premier Rehab PT for getting me back to my old self!"
Sep 13, 2018
"PT at Premier has helped me with my low back pain & sciatic nerve pain by showing me simple exercises that have increased my flexibility. Prior to starting PT, transitions from standing to sitting and standing to lying down caused considerable pain with decreased mobility. Now I have only occasional muscle spasms which decrease with being diligent in doing the exercise. Dustin, John, & Linda, as well as Tyler, Aaron, & Rachel, have all been so encouraging, and it has been a pleasure working with all of them. You all rock! "
Sep 13, 2018
"My hamstring (Rt. Leg) was painful when walking, getting out of the car and lifting the leg. Katie did great therapy on the hamstring. John was good at having me do the exercises correctly. Katie has a good personality for working with clients. PRPT has a good environment. Thanks."
Sep 13, 2018
"I walked into Premier Rehab very frustrated. Because of the limitations my injury posed, I was unable to do very basic things most of us take for granted; opening a door, reaching for a glass, driving, and forget about lifting weights at the gym… Months of worsening pain and an MRI directed me to Premier Rehab. After working with Ellen several times and faithfully doing my “homework”, I started noticing an improved range of motion and a noticeable reduction in pain. Soon I had a nearly full range of motion, increased strength, and the ability to do simple tasks pain-free. Now, I’m able to lift weights and do all my normal activities without pain. Although I walked into Premier Rehab very frustrated, I left Premier Rehab highly satisfied. I am thankful for the professionalism and attention to detail I consistently received. Thank you, Ellen! And thank you, Premier Rehab Staff!"
Sep 13, 2018
"My name is Adam Lynch. I’m 32yrs. Old and I got a tibia plateau fracture playing rec. softball. I wasn’t allowed to use my right leg for 10 wks. before I started at Premier Rehab & PT. My experience at the Castle Hills location has been absolutely amazing. Going from no weight baring day 1 to jogging on the treadmill in the pool for 11 mins. straight at a pace I was used to running at in a matter of 12 wks. Truly incredible. They taught me how to use my leg all over again. Today, I’m walking out with no crutch, no cane, & no limp. Also, the skills to keep strengthening, keep improving, & live a life with no pain. Thank you to everyone at Premier Rehab & Physical Therapy for all the time & knowledge you’ve shared with me. I literally couldn’t have done it without ya’ll. Keep it up. You change lives!"
Jun 06, 2018