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"I have nothing but high praise for Ellen Murray and all the staff for helping me get back on my feet, after having a double hip replacement in June. Everyone was so caring and helpful in getting me through each session. I highly recommend Premier Rehab to anyone who needs that extra push to get back to full strength. Again, thank you all for everything!!"
Dec 13, 2017
"I had hip replacement surgery June 2017 and was referred by my Orthopedic doctor to Premier Rehab. God put me in the right place. My therapist Ellen Murray is awesome and has helped me so much. She takes time to explain what we are doing and why. She keeps me focused on my goals, encourages me, and keeps me motivated. She listens to me on my concerns and gives direction on what steps to take at home. I'm back walking again and not in pain. Being pain free enables me to have a better attitude, be in a better mood, and do more things with my son and friends. Ellen truly cares about her patients and works hard to ensure their success. All the staff at Premier Rehab on Davis in North Richland Hills are very knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. I have one session left and know I will be sadden to leave. I would love to continue to attend and keep getting great care but my insurance only allows so many visit per year. I don't have the extra funds at this time. I wanted to let you know how happy I was with my therapy and the professional courtesy extended to me by your staff and will not hesitate to refer others who need therapy. If I do have problems in the future I will return here. Thanks for everything"
Oct 30, 2017