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"This is my second time having Katie and I would choose her if I ever need to return with another issue. She has been awesome ti work with. I came in with ankle pain (I have had it over two years) thinking it was arthritis. She gas me pain free and back to walking 3 miles a day plus working outside! Thank you Katie for giving me back a pain free life!!!"
Apr 19, 2022
"I had Total Knee Replacement on both knees, Dec. 6 & 8, 2022, and tested positive for Covid-19, Jan. 4th. Started my therapy about two weeks later, at Premier Rehab, 5060 Davis Blvd. North Richland Hills, TX. This is the second time that I used Premier Rehab, since 2006, and well aware of how great a staff they have. My muscle strength, and pain needed much improvement. Dr. Nirali Hira, PT, DPT my therapist was great. She answered questions, and explained the purpose of the exercises if you asked. I had three (3) sessions a week, and each session I could tell an improvement from the previous session. I followed her instructions and practice at home. The key to recovery is, Therapy, and how well you follow the therapist instructions. Keep moving and do your physical therapy. I would choose Premier Rehab Physical Therapy, NRH, a great place to receive Physical Therapy. Thank you, Premier Rehab NRH, and all your staff. Thank you Dr. Nirali Hira for all of the success in my recovery you have given me. Marion Baker"
Feb 05, 2022
"Can’t say enough wonderful things about Katy, Austin, Mike, John, Erica and Ellen. Genuine caring therapists providing gentle, supportive encouragement and treatment. Won’t go anywhere else."
Jan 27, 2022
"I had an extremely positive rehab experience at the Premier North Richland Hills location following my second knee replacement surgery. Dr. Lauren proved to be a knowledgeable and encouraging therapist, and I appreciated and greatly benefited from her targeted approach to my rehab. I was impressed from my first visit with the professionalism, courtesy, and congeniality of the staff. There was always a calm, non-rushed but very purposeful approach, not just for me personally but for the many others I observed. Although I was pleased with and helped very well three years ago at two other area rehab facilities with my first knee replacement, Premier stands out as the best of the three, and I would highly recommend the North Richland Hills team to anyone seeking rehabilitation assistance. "
Dec 31, 2021
"I have been going for rehab for almost 6 months after having both knees replaced. Everyone was so kind and patient working with me. I appreciated how friendly and always welcoming they were. Ellen was so knowledgeable, keeping me informed and answered all my questions. She was so competent and I trusted her expertise completely. I would not consider going anywhere else for rehab should I need it in the future!"
Nov 22, 2021
"I was a patient here for about 3 months following a double knee replacement. Ellen and the rest of the team are awesome! I never once dreaded going, and everyone was very friendly and competent. I highly recommend them, and am very thankful for the excellent care and support they gave me in my surgery recovery!!!"
Sep 22, 2021
"There is not enough bandwidth on the internet for me to tell all the great things Premier and especially Ellen has done for me. She started more than 2 years ago working with me on my left knee. I had it replaced and I was sent to Premier for long term rehab on the knee, then Ellen worked on my right knee after it was replaced. Both knees are perfect now, strong and able to do anything I could as a young man. Then coming out of post-surgery-rehab after knee replacement 2, I had an attack of vertigo. The room literally turned upside down and I was quite sick. I was coming to Premier for long-term rehab on the right knee anyway, and I was fortunate to learn Ellen was trained to handle vertigo and dizziness treatment. She gave me a series of exercises to combat vertigo while also working on my right knee. I had a couple more vertigo attacks as time passed, and Ellen continued to work with me. I was dizzy almost all the time. I only had a few incidents where I fell. As we worked on my knee and my dizziness, at first, there were many things I had difficulty doing, and Ellen patiently worked me through them. TODAY, over a year since we started working on the dizziness, I felt dizzy-free for the first time. I hope it lasts, but I will continue to see Ellen to be sure it gets stronger. I had a few other issues that did not affect Ellen (an eye went haywire and did not point at the same way as the other one did and I had prostate cancer—both are now cured), but she always was supportive as I worked on them. If anyone ever asks where I go, I wholeheartedly tell them Premier and especially the North Richland Hills office. I could not ask for a more professional, caring, well-trained team to work on me. I will continue to go there as long as they will have me."
Dec 01, 2020
"Premier Rocks!! The moment that my surgeon gave me the choice where I would go for PT, it was simple. Premier Rehab, in Richland Hills helped me 11 years ago with my first knee replacement, I knew I where I wanted to go. Katie, bless her pregnant heart, was so good at pushing me when I needed it, and showing me ways that I could help myself at home. The new equipment and gadgets they have are incredible, and very effective. The staff are all very friendly, professional, and help ease the patients in their rehabilitation process. Ellen does a great job keeping the best therapist in the business. I will forever be indebted to them for giving me a pain free set of knees that I have not had in 47 years. Thank you"
Aug 06, 2020
"After having full knee replacement, I went to premier. Dr. Sarah Hesse was my therapist and she was great. She seemed to know exactly what I needed to do and work on. They have an indoor pool with a treadmill that helped a lot. The whole staff was friendly and nice. I couldn't have got through this without Sarah. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great rehab."
Aug 06, 2020
"I highly recommend Premier Rehab. My observation was all staff was professional and knowledgeable. My experience with Katie as my therapist was outstanding!!! I had challenges recovering from knee replacement and I could not have made it without Katie. Not only did she rehab my knee but I learned from her how to continue strengthening and taking care of both knees. I will be looking for Katie when I have my other knee replaced."
Feb 05, 2020
"I went to Premier Rehab on Davis Blvd in North Richland Hills to recover from surgery for two broken ankles and the subsequent lack of ability to walk normally. Ellen Murray established a plan to help me recover the range of motion in the ankles and feet, and my walking gait. She worked with me, monitoring the proper form to get the best benefit from the exercises. She also worked to reduce the scar tissue which had developed. Ellen assigned other physical therapists to work with me, and made sure that I continued to follow her instructions with them. In addition, Ellen could answer all my questions about my injuries. My range of motion and gait are so good now, that I have no problem walking. I will be forever grateful. Ellen is a consummate physical therapy professional, and I have recommended her to several friends. "
Dec 08, 2019
"I had shattered my tibia (into 40 pieces). Yes, Forty! Hard to believe I know, but after 31 screws and metal added and then removed because of severe infection, I was in a wheelchair. My trauma surgeon had me start therapy with Premier Rehab and I had doubts that I would ever walk again, but because of Drill Sargeant John (what I call him) has never given up on me! He and his coworkers are my biggest supporters. After a year of therapy, I'm still going, but I'm not in a wheelchair anymore and I now rely on my walker and starting to use a cane. Although my trauma surgeon says I need another surgery (6th), I'm so confident with the help from the Premier staff that I can conquer all. Thank you guys, your the best!!"
Mar 01, 2019
"When I came to Premier, I was unable to dress, drive, etc. When meeting the staff, I was put at ease quickly. They were very warm and welcoming along with full understanding of my shoulder injury. Within a week they felt like great friends, who cared not only about my progress but how my life was in general. In 2 weeks, I was able to begin driving, dressing, and sleeping with little to no pain. Today, I have no pain and greater mobility in daily activities. I would highly recommend all the staff to anyone in need of therapy and will miss my time with them. THANK YOU for everything!"
Jun 06, 2018
"The therapy here has exceeded my expectations. Besides averting surgery on my knee, I have decreased pain, increased mobility and sleeping through the night without pain. The ability to walk fairly normally with the brace is great. Lori and Katie have been very patient with me, adjusting the therapy as needed. I like that. I have a doable program for at home. Both are passionate about their jobs-and-it shows- look what I can do!"
Jun 06, 2018
"Upon arrival at Premier Rehab, I had plenty of swelling and heavy scabs. I was walking with a cane and my biggest concern was regaining my flexibility, particularly being able to get more of a bend in my knee. With Lori’s assistance, along with Tim and Lewis, I began to make weekly progress and my confidence level increased. I was thrilled when all my scabs fell off and I was able to get in the pool. The pool really helped me, and I was thrilled the first time I was able to go all the way around on the bike. I knew then, I’d be okay. The encouragement, the home exercises, and the work Lori did on my knee after my workouts really helped me get to where I am, four months later. Kudos to the staff for their professionalism and friendliness."
Jun 06, 2018
"I started after having surgery for a Chiari malformation. Following surgery, my neck was very stiff and I was unable to turn my neck or bend my neck without pain and discomfort. Driving was also very difficult. After starting with Lori, even after the first day I noticed that my stiffness and discomfort were lessened. Lori has been absolutely fabulous to work with, and so caring. I am now able to do all of my normal activities with a minimum of discomfort. I can’t imagine what it would have been like going anywhere else, and I am so thankful for Lori and her amazing staff-Louis and Julia for taking such good care of me and for helping me restoring all my movement. THANKS LORI!!!! "
Jun 06, 2018
"I have nothing but high praise for Ellen Murray and all the staff for helping me get back on my feet, after having a double hip replacement in June. Everyone was so caring and helpful in getting me through each session. I highly recommend Premier Rehab to anyone who needs that extra push to get back to full strength. Again, thank you all for everything!!"
Dec 13, 2017
"I had hip replacement surgery June 2017 and was referred by my Orthopedic doctor to Premier Rehab. God put me in the right place. My therapist Ellen Murray is awesome and has helped me so much. She takes time to explain what we are doing and why. She keeps me focused on my goals, encourages me, and keeps me motivated. She listens to me on my concerns and gives direction on what steps to take at home. I'm back walking again and not in pain. Being pain free enables me to have a better attitude, be in a better mood, and do more things with my son and friends. Ellen truly cares about her patients and works hard to ensure their success. All the staff at Premier Rehab on Davis in North Richland Hills are very knowledgeable, friendly, and extremely helpful. I have one session left and know I will be sadden to leave. I would love to continue to attend and keep getting great care but my insurance only allows so many visit per year. I don't have the extra funds at this time. I wanted to let you know how happy I was with my therapy and the professional courtesy extended to me by your staff and will not hesitate to refer others who need therapy. If I do have problems in the future I will return here. Thanks for everything"
Oct 30, 2017